Chad Max
Lead Artist / Game Developer

Voice: 310-733-9785

 “I'm a dedicated person excited about interactive development. I specialize in 3D art and all the tiny details that make up a winning product.  I'm in search of a team of driven professionals to continue my commitment to creating engaging and interactive experiences for a world-wide audience.”

Specializing In:

- Unreal, Unity, and CryEngine development experience

- Proven track-record performing on AAA games

- Multi-platform development experience on PC, XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, mobile and VR

- Advanced technologies and pipelines (physically based shaders and ray-traced lighting)

- Accredited in over 21 interactive published titles


Software used:


3D Studio Max


Substance Painter





Jira Project Managment

Interactive Software Titles Performed:   title name, (platform) - developer, publisher - release date - (credit)

Mafia 3 (PS4, Xbox, PC) - Blind Squirrel Games, 2K - 2016 (Technical Art, Lighting, Optimizations)
World of WarCraft, Warlords of Draenor (PC & Mac) - Blizzard Entertainment - 2014 - (Senior 3D Artist)
World of WarCraft, Mists of Pandaria (PC & Mac) - Blizzard Entertainment - 2012 - (Senior 3D Artist)
World of WarCraft, Cataclysm (PC & Mac) - Blizzard Entertainment - 2010 - (Senior 3D Artist)
Scratch, the Ultimate DJ (XBox 360, PS3) - Seven Studios, Genius Products - (Lead Environment Artist)
Fun Park (Nintendo Wii) - Seven Studios, Brash Entertainment - 2008 - (Senior 3D Artist)
Sopranos, Road to Respect (PS2) - Seven Studios, Activision - 2006 - (Senior 3D Artist)
Fantastic Four (PS2) - Seven Studios, Activision - 2005 - (Senior 3D Artist)
Kohan 2, Kings of War (PC) - TimeGate Studios, Interactive Global Star - 2002 - (Senior Environment Artist)
Fallout Fantasy (PC) - Interplay, Reflexive Entertainment - 2001 - (Senior 3D Artist)
Zax the Alien Hunter (PC) JoWood Productions, Reflexive Entertainment - 2001 - (Art Director / Music Composition)
Star Trek, Away Team (PC) Activision, Reflexive Entertainment - 2001 - (Art Director)
Swarm (PC) Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. - 1998 - (Art Director / Music Composition)
Defiance (PC) Logicware Inc., Hasbro Interactive - 1997 - (Lead Artist / Music Composition / Sound Effects)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Adventures in Tinker Town (PC) MGM Interactive, Logicware Inc. - 1997 - (3D Artist)
Killing Time (3DO) Logicware Inc., 3DO - 1996 - Lead Artist / Sound Effects)
Kingdom, The Far Reaches (PC) - Logicware Inc., Interplay - 1996 - (3D Artist)
Doom (3DO Console Port) - Interplay / Logicware Inc. - 1996 - (Retouch Artist)
AstroRock (PC) Logicware Inc., Atlantean Interactive -1995 - (Lead Artist / Music Composition / Sound Effects)
Wolfenstein (3DO Console Port) - Interplay, Logicware Inc. - 1995 - (Retouch Artist)
Doom 2 (Atari Jaguar Port) - Interplay, Logicware Inc. - 1995 - (Retouch Artist)



( 2016 )  Blind Squirrel Games - Lead Studio Artist – Santa Ana, CA
Highlights: Performed as Lead Studio Artist while at Blind Squirrel.  Supported technical production of Mafia 3 on PC, XBox and PS4 and published by 2K and Hanger 13 Studios.  Worked closely with department leads in the production of 3rd party IPs.  Corrected and optimized geometry and lighting on expansive exterior city environments in Mafia 3 using K2’s proprietary editor Fusion/Unreal.  Performed as Lead Foliage Artist in the production of a unreleased AAA franchise from a major studio on PS4.

( 2014- 2016 )  Entangled Reality - Art Director, Proprietor– Long Beach, CA
Highlights: Performed as an independent developer on advanced game prototypes, as well as 3rd party contract projects, for PC, console and mobile.  Co-develop projects with various external art directors and team leads. Developed real-time virtual sets of HBO’s upcoming mini-series WestWorld.

( 2009- 2014)  Blizzard Entertainment - Senior 3D Artist – Irvine, CA
Highlights: Performed as Senior 3D Artist on the World of Warcraft team.  Work closely with team leads, concept artists, designers and texture artists in the creation of many exterior and interior models for Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor game expansions.  Design, modeling and lighting for various in-game cities, raids, buildings, dungeons and micros.

( 2003-2009 ) Seven Studios  - Lead Environment Artist – Los Angeles, CA
Highlights: Lead Environment Artists in the production of major franchise video games while at Seven Studios.  Created original artwork for titles on Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii gaming platforms to be published by Activision, THQ, Electronic Arts and other major distributors.  Worked closely with the lead artists and art directors to correctly portray desired artistic styles and lighting of 3D environments for video game titles.  Worked closely with senior graphics programmers in the development of unique shaders, lighting, shadow mapping and proprietary rendering techniques for Scratch, the Ultimate DJ as well as other major titles.  Developed modern art production pipelines used in the creation of 3d assets.  Mentored junior artists during the production of titles..

( 2002-2003 ) TimeGate Studios  - Senior Environment Artist – Sugarland, TX
Highlights:  Responsible for establishing 3D environment terrains and models for Kohan 2. Assigned to produce art assets for prototypes while at TimeGate.  Worked closely with team leads to produce assets for published titles.  Created 3D models, textures and animations for various 3D structures and terrain foliage.  Created numerous animated special effects.  

( 1997–2002 ) Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. - Art Director / Cofounder – Lake Forest, CA
Highlights:  Cofounder of Reflexive Entertainment Inc.  Responsible for all visual art and music direction. Worked closely with project directors of major interactive publishers on art development.  Key contributor in raising over 5 million in project finances.  Directed a staff of 15 artists in the production of interactive titles.  Produced and designed artwork used in the creation of video games.  Worked closely with Activision’s directors in the production of Star Trek Away Team.  Worked closely with Paramount Studios in the design and creation of Star Trek Away Team.  Designed and created an original Starship that was approved by Paramount Studios and is currently part of the Star Trek universe.

( 1995-1997 ) Logicware, Inc. - Lead Artist - Los Angeles, CA
Highlights:  Performed as Lead Artist and was responsible for artistic direction for all game titles during my time at Logicware.  Performed the role of Lead Artist of a team of 15 artists in development of titles while working at Logicware.  Produced and designed artwork used in the creation of video games.  Worked closely with Interplay directors in the production of video games.  Directed and created all original music and sound effects while at Logicware.


Otis Los Angeles, continuing edjucation
CCCC life drawing studies
Valley High School, Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Art Museum.  Studied under Lucille Bruener for illustration and painting.